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With your mobile app on their phone you couldn’t be closer to your customers and clients.

Keep your brand, business, your services and products in front of them every minute of every day. Make it easy for them to find and contact you.

Engaging with your customers and keeping in contact couldn’t be easier or more affordable. No more 4- or even 5-figure development costs!

Instant Communication – Engagement – Build Loyalty

Offer a loyalty programme to keep them coming back time and again! Create coupons to redeem in-store. 

Send them push notifications about special offers, promotions, new products.

Why You Need a Mobile App

There are dozens of reasons why your business would benefit from having a mobile app, not least keeping in touch with your customers. And, your existing customers are your best customers!

And, it’s estimated that it is 7 times more costly to find potential new customers.

It makes sense to keep in touch, and give them the opportunity to engage with you, when they are again looking for similar products and services.

With your app, on their mobile phone and at their fingertips when it matters most, it couldn’t be easier!


Designed & built to promote your business & brand image.

Positive image

Helps you stand out in the crowd with your business at their fingertips.

Better engagement

Gives your the opportunity to interact with your customers in real time.


Offer in-store coupon promotions to encourage repeat visits and business.


Offer loyalty points redeemable in-store to get customers coming back.

Push Notifications

Keep users up-to-date with the latest updates, promotions and offers.

mobile app Or website?

Got a website? Great! Every successful business needs a website. But…

Customers & clients often prefer using an app on their mobile phone when they are out-and-about and looking for a local retailer or service!
Here are just a few Reasons Why!

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More Convenient!
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Settings Stored!
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Benefits / Rewards!
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Better Deals!

Join the Big Hitters!

Successful businesses everywhere need to stay in touch with their customers for better user engagement, to gain trust and be seen as a valued & trusted brand.

BIG Names Know It! Amazon, uBer, Deliveroo, Nectar, your Bank and many more, all have their own Apps. Whether a local business in Falkirk or anywhere in Scotland – Now YOU can too!

One small Powerful Feature Makes Mobile Apps So

Push Notifications

Man using app on iPhone

Fast Message Delivery

With your app installed push notifications allow you to deliver messages direct to the user’s home screen. Traditionally, push notifications were solely text (or emojis!), but now, can include images, video and sound.

Mobile Apps Improve User Experience

Push notifications considerably enhance your customer’s experience. They’re less intrusive than other forms of user engagement and effectively drive traffic and help users by providing useful & timely information about offers, discounts and other promotions.

Woman using mobile app

Push Notifications are being used by the most successful large & small businesses and the good news is your customers LIKE and Respond to them!

But What will it all Cost?

It won't break the bank!

Like millions of Small Business owners in Falkirk, throughout Scotland & the UK, you might have been put off and apprehensive about the price tag and the cost of a custom-built app for your business. Even with all the benefits they offer.

Luckily it’s not a problem anymore! In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Technology now makes the difference.

You can now have your own mobile app at the fingertips of all your clients and customers 24/7.

And for less than half the price of your daily Flat White at Starbucks!

Cost of Mobile App

No Better time than Today!

Get Your Mobile App at Your Customers Fingertips Now.

It couldn’t be easier to get started. Just send us your details and we’ll get the ball rolling.