Virtual Panoramic Tours

Why You Should Have A Virtual Tour!

A virual tour uses 3D technology to create the illusion of going inside a property or business.

It allows the viewer to look around and get an overall view of what a business has to offer.

To increase the number of people who visit your website, social media or business, you need to show them what you have to offer and what they can expect when they visit. 

One of the best ways to do this is by a virtual tour.

When you have a virtual tour, you will be able to showcase your business and what you offer to your customers. This is a great way to promote your business.

A virtual tour is one of the best ways to attract more leads & visitors to your business.

By using this type of marketing tool, you can also get more website traffic. 

When people are searching for something online, search engines are more likely to rank a page with video or even better a virtual tour.

If you don’t have one yet, just consider the benefits they can offer. It can help you to get more visitors & business leads. 

You can also use the tour to highlight your special offers. An excellent way to promote your business.

What’s the Difference between a Virtual Tour and a 360-degree Panorama?

A 360-degree panorama video or image allows viewers to see a specific part of your business from any angle imaginable.

A virtual tour combines multiple 360-degree images and videos into a completely interactive environment to showcase your business.

360 Degree Panorama

Single panoramic view only, non-interactive, no embedded features

Virtual Tour

Multiple linked room views, interactive with any/all features below

Virtual Tour

Unlimited virtual VR views, interactive with any/all features below

A virtual tour enables customers or clients to “walk” through a building, property, or business with the help of high-quality 3D images and videos. 

A VR tours allows you to immerse potential customers in your business and showcase your products, services, and location.

It allows you to engage with clients and potential customers wherever they are.

VR tours have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are a great way to give potential customers an idea of what your business place would be like when they visit.

They can be accessed on any device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even through a VR headset.

Features & Benefits of a Webmedia VR Tour

  • Integrate With Website & Social Media
    Embed directly into your website or add link to social media posts
  • Image’s Gallery/Video Slideshow
    Include an image or video gallery to tour for additional information
  • Points Of Interest (POI)
    Add points of interest links to any element for additional information: text, image, video, files, pdf’s
  • POI Scheduling
    Schedule points of interest to appear/disappear when relevant
  • Compass To Indicate North
    Show the direction of North on each walkthrough
  • Effects 
    Add a special effect (Snow, Rain, Fog, Fireworks, Confetti, Sparkle) to the image for dramatic impact or emphasis
  • Fly-In Effect
    Add drama to the tour with a special intro fly-in
  • Transition Effects
    Give more impact with special transitions between scenes
  • Passcode / Leads Form To Protect Specific Area Access
    Password protects specific areas of the tour or collect visitor contact email for access
  • Advertisements
    Include your or third-party ads and promotions
  • Info Box
    Add a content box with helpful or interesting information about tour location on any/all scenes
  • Facebook Messenger/Whatsapp Chat
    Encourage visitor contact with FB Messenger and Whatsapp links
  • Voice Command Support
    Enable tour to be controlled by voice commands
  • Google Analytics Integration
    Add analytics tracking codes to track visitor engagement and actions
  • Custom Right-Click Context Menu
    Mouse right-click can be customised to provide extra and easy options to interact with tour