Your Restaurant App! More Than Just Online Ordering!

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Your Mobile Restaurant App

It should enable online ordering, but it’s not just about takeaway, important as that has become!

It’s about engaging and building a loyal customer base whether takeaway, table bookings or covers. It’s about communicating with your best customers!

If it sounds like it might cost an arm and a leg! You’d be Wrong!

There was a time, not too long ago, that getting an app built might have cost an arm and a leg with a 4- or even 5-figure price tag. But, not anymore!

Times and technology move on. You can now have your own app, to keep your business front & foremost, at your customers’ fingertips…

…but for less than half the monthly cost of other third-party online ordering only options.

Just £49.95 per month

And With Much More!

The options available for your app (you choose what will help build your business!)

  • Progressive Web App
  • Android & iOS Versions
  • Push Notifications
  • Menus/Food Ordering
  • Delivery/Takeaway Integration
  • Reservations/Bookings/Appointments
  • Table Ordering
  • Loyalty Cards/Points
  • Refer A Friend (get loyalty points)
  • Events Calendar
  • QR Code Coupons
  • Discount Vouchers
  • Social Media
  • Picture/Video Galleries
  • Audio Galleries
  • Contact Page/Details
  • Custom/Special Pages
  • Digital & Physical Products
  • Google Maps/Directions
  • Membership/Account

Plus, a QR Code that brings up your app from signs, stickers, window signs, street signs, vehicle wraps, anywhere! (Just like this one!)

Hard to Believe, Maybe, But True!

If you’re not convinced or have a question give me a call on 01324 808124, email and I’ll explain and answer all your questions. Or…

…scan the QR code or Click the link to install demo app and have a browse around. You won’t find all of the above but it will give you an idea of what’s possible.

Imagine your app on all your customers’ phones…

Having a Slow Day? Quiet Night or Mid-Week Lull? Entice your best customers back with a timely offer:-

  • Discount vouchers during mid-week lulls
  • A Special Offer for these quiet nights
  • A Loyalty Card for repeat business
  • and much more…
Your customers would prefer to use your own app.

Just about everyone has a smartphone and a screenful of apps! We use them every day! And, our customers do too!

Your App on their phone makes it easy to engage and keep your customers informed instantly of offers, discounts, special events & deals when they are most likely to be interested.

Successful businesses everywhere use them to stay in touch with their customers for better user engagement, to build trust and be seen as a valued & trusted brand.

Are you one of the 50%?

Research showed that 50% of restaurants & food outlets implemented online ordering last year to support their takeaway business as a response to the impact of covid restrictions.

If Yes! That’s great, but you are missing out on a menu of extra opportunities that a fully-featured mobile restaurant app has to offer.

Or are you one of the 50% who would like to offer online ordering but one of the 70% who would prefer to use their own website or app?

During last year you will have been bombarded with menu & online ordering offers. There are too many to name; you know who they are!

Food for Thought!

All have options & benefits but most are limited to online ordering! If they offer more, they are ‘extras’ and ‘add-ons’, which increases an already expensive monthly cost you have to cover. These third-party apps have been invaluable for many and restaurant owners recognise their convenience.

But many would still prefer to use their own! And, 62% of customers say they would also prefer to use a restaurant’s website or app for delivery.

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